Great Birthday Party Ideas For All Age Groups

Birthdays are a time for celebration and themed parties have certainly become very popular. Why spend time racking your brains for novel birthday party ideas when the Internet is filled with useful information.  Plenty of us could think of unique ideas for a birthday party and who doesn’t enjoy going to a themed party? Naturally … Continue reading Great Birthday Party Ideas For All Age Groups

Good Reasons To Hire A Casino Night Party Service

It is not always easy to hold a particular event and satisfy the invited guests without quality entertainment. Whether it is a corporate event, birthday party or wedding anniversary, you need to ensure that it earns the praise and recognition of everyone who had the privilege to attend. This is where the importance of a … Continue reading Good Reasons To Hire A Casino Night Party Service

Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Fancy dress is a great option for your party – while the type of food and drinks available at a party play a role in determining how successful the party is, they’re not the only elements in the party equation; there is also the issue of dressing. So have you been thinking of hosting a … Continue reading Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Casino themed parties

When looking to entertain groups of all sizes, ages and backgrounds, it’s hard to go past casino themed parties.  They have it all: glitz and glamour, high participation rates, and a theme that everyone can get involved with and enjoy. One of the main things that sets  casino themed parties apart from, say, a trip … Continue reading Casino themed parties

Corporate Events with a Difference

Corporate casino theme party events with a difference. With over 2500events over 10 years we have worked with some of the biggest and most well known companies in Australia. Our entertainment services have helped make their staff and corporate events guests feel special.

Birthdays to remember for a lifetime

Is having fun a big part of what you want to achieve at birthday parties? Do you want all your guests interacting and socializing? Do you like to offer your guests something a bit different in the way of entertainment? Is hosting a memorable night important to you? Then here’s a great 40th birthday party … Continue reading Birthdays to remember for a lifetime

The history of casino games – part one

People have been wagering money since the beginning of time. Archaeologists have found gambling paraphernalia dating back to 2300 BC in ancient China, and references to gaming carved into the Egyptian pyramids. 3000 years later, the kings of Norway and Sweden used two dice to decide which country would get the territory known as Hising. … Continue reading The history of casino games – part one

The history of casino games – part two

As we learned last week, gaming is something that dates back thousands of years. Indeed, people have been gambling their money, property and more for as long as we’ve been able to place a bet. But when you walk into a casino, you may not realise that the games you sit down to play have … Continue reading The history of casino games – part two

A ramble through the past 11 years

How Blackjack Nights Started As the founder of Blackjack Nights I never imagined where this journey would take me. Having spent almost 9 years on cruise ships and travelling to some of the most amazing countries on this planet I met my beautiful wife on board a ship and settled in Melbourne. Having worked in … Continue reading A ramble through the past 11 years

Casino Hire Perth

Here’s an idea for your next event- in the high stakes world of corporate business, why not give your attendees a chance to gamble with more fun and less stress? Even if your event isn’t for the movers and shakers of the financial sector, being able to have one night in your betting event can … Continue reading Casino Hire Perth